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This site is a complete source for microscopes & optical instruments and it is owned by Onix Vision Technologies Pvt Ltd (An ISO 9001:2008 certified co.)

We offer System Integration of Videoscopes , Microscopes , Industrial Vision , Imaging , Automation of specialized camera applications. We Onix Vision are specialized in imports of scientific , video imaging , research grade cameras etc for more than 8 years, not only has an excellent sales force but also a professional team which includes technical consulting, sourcing, importing scientific products as per client requirement & budget.

New Models
Regularly is your complete resource to buy high quality microscope products. We offer a huge selection of microscopes and optical instruments, such as Biological microscopes, Metallurgical microscopes, Stereo microscopes, Polarising microscopes, Inverted microscopes, Flourescence microscopes, Gem microscopes, Industrial microscopes, LCD microscopes, Digital microscopes, Medical microscopes (Dental, Wideview, Colposcope etc) , Analog /Digital Cameras, Image analysis Software & accessories.

Never we ask our customers to buy online by having a look at product images rather throughout our business, we have technical team to work with your requirement and help you in selecting the right product to fit your requirement. Our strict commitment towards the competitive price , quality and timely delivery of the orders which provide us an edge over the other players operating in the same domain.
100% Quality
All of our microscopes and optical instruments are from trusted manufacture rs that is awarded quality management system certificate ISO-9001 and cert ificate for environmental management system ISO-14001,and all products has passed CE certification.

Onix Vision is An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company.

Low Price
We purchase all products direct from the factory in bulk for a broader dealer base thus better price & logistics. Imports can be done on customers target price in qty. We help you save time and money by instantly matching your purchase need to a qualified supplier. No more searching or worrying about quality.

All items shown are available for direct purchase after quotation, if you have any specific requirement for microscope, please write email to or call us +91-9818109419
All shipping to customers is done via DHL, UPS , TNT , Fedex , DTDC , First Flight , Trackon etc taking 3 - 7 days for on-time delivery schedules.
We deliver what we promise and believe in long term business relation and association. Any product queries and technical questions will be answered by our experienced consultants usually within 24 hours.
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